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United Nutrition Group is considered 'Out of Network' for insurance purposes. Payment for all services is due at time of service. While we do not accept Insurance as payment, there is a chance that your insurance may cover a portion of our services on a reimbursement basis. While it is your responsibility to speak with your Insurance provider about this possibility, we can provide you documentation (Super Bill) that they may request from you when a nutrition related diagnosis. 

Here are some useful questions to ask when speaking with your insurance:

  • Do my benefits cover seeing an 'out of network' registered dietitian?

    • You can provide them the specific 'CPT Codes' 97802 and 97803 ​

  • How many sessions are covered?

  • Over what time period can those sessions be?

  • What forms need to be submitted for reimbursement?

  • Is pre-authorization needed for an 'out of network' claim?

  • What percent or cost is covered?

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, please take the time to understand your insurance requirements if pursuing 'out of network' services. 

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