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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nutrition Counseling?

One on one discussion and work with an experienced Registered Dietitian. Counseling, coaching, it what you wish.

We use a secure online platform for all information and communication. Sessions via video only require a phone or computer with a camera. 

How do virtual sessions work?

We do not. For more information regarding the potential for insurance to reimburse. See here

Do you accept insurance?

Nearly every diet fails in the long term. We focus on research backed approaches known as medical nutrition therapy, but more importantly, personalize it to you and your needs.

I'm sick of diets, how is this different?

Everybody is different. Some clients choose and benefit from weekly sessions, while others monthly. We will cover this during our first meeting.

How frequently should we meet?

We offer concierge service to some clients such as home and office visits. More info HERE

Video isn't for me. What are my other options?

Depends on your goals. There is a lot more to your body and health than just weight. Our personal approach will start with fundamentals and discuss metrics based on your needs.

Will I lose weight?

Initial sessions start at $200. For more services and information see Services HERE

How much does a Nutrition Counseling session cost?

To schedule, simply CLICK HERE

How do I schedule?


Contact us by clicking HERE

We do our best to respond within 24 hours.

I have another question.

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