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Carl Barnes

With a Masters degree in Nutrition Science and approaching a decade of service in the military, Carl has worked with diverse populations, in many places around the US and internationally. His expertise is in working with individuals to achieve their unique nutrition goals, as well as extensive leadership experience in the food service industry. Carl prides himself in his practical approach to health and wellness.

Kristina has proven her skills working with individuals to achieve their nutrition goals. Whether it be working with Executives, those with chronic conditions, or anyone seeking nutrition guidance, her breadth of knowledge is extensive. Kristina's experience spans the East and West coasts, with some international stops along the way. Forever in search of the next underrated eatery, Kristina promotes a realistic approach to wellness.


Mike Stablein


Kristina Morales




Mike Stablein

Mike lives and breathes health and fitness. Among his numerous credentials are many highly acclaimed professional specialties. He has a thirst for knowledge and is currently working towards his Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy. Mike brings immense experience and knowledge to the United Nutrition Group team. Mike thrives on personalizing fitness to every unique person.

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